LETTER TO THE EDITOR for the week of 11/4/16


Green Party signs shouldn’t have been removed 
To the editor:
 I am a member of the Green Party and put up signs supporting
our candidate for President Jill Stein last Wednesday, Oct. 26. I
placed my signs where other candidates had their signs posted.
On Saturday, Oct. 29, I went back and all my signs had been tak´
en down. The ones for school board were still there.
Even though I do not like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for
president, I would never take down any of their signs. We are trying
to give everyone a different choice besides the major parties candi´
dates. Our country has freedom of speech and everyone needs to re´
spect that the major parties are not the only parties that can solve our
government’s problems.
Whoever took down the Green Party signs probably never looked
up the platform for Jill Stein. If they had they would have seen her
ideas and policies are a lot better than what the other parties propose.
We also do not take donations from corporations and special interest
groups so we have no corruption.
Our country needs alternate candidates that may have a chance in
future elections, for the two candidates that are running I feel neither
one should lead our country. 
Jo Ann Cousin 
Green Party of Mercer County 
Hightstown 