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Business Brief

Middlesex County College (MCC) has named Barnes & Noble College, a Barnes & Noble Education Company, as the new operator of the MCC Bookstore.

Barnes & Noble College will allow the bookstore to offer students a variety of affordable course materials, including an in-store and online rental textbook program; an extensive selection of used, new and digital textbooks; as well as a new price matching program.

In addition to a variety of cost-saving textbook options, MCC students will enjoy a campus bookstore that reflects an expanded selection of MCC Blue Colt logo apparel, laptops and other technology products, school supplies, educational and reading materials, as well as gifts for alumni, friends and family.

The bookstore will also be adding a Barnes & Noble Café, which will serve a variety of Starbucks coffees, as well as an expanded Marketplace offering beverages, sandwiches, salads and snacks items.

MCC faculty also will gain access to FacultyEnlight, a streamlined textbook adoption platform that combines advanced search capabilities with detailed information on course material formats, pricing and reviews by other faculty.

MCC students will also have the opportunity to apply for part-time and seasonal bookseller positions, as well as participate in the bookstore’s Retail Internship Program, where, if accepted, they can participate in an 18-24 month management development course that can result in placement in a management position in one of its campus bookstores across the country.

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