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Incumbents win in Millstone school board race

By Matthew Sockol
Staff Writer

MILLSTONE – Incumbents Kevin McGovern, David DePinho, Salvatore Casale and Margaret Gordon have won new terms on the Millstone Township K-8 School District Board of Education.

McGovern, DePinho and Casale won a contested race for three three-year terms on the board. Gordon ran unopposed for a one-year unexpired term.

When the results were tallied on Nov. 8, McGovern retained his seat by receiving 1,888 votes, DePinho retained his seat by receiving 1,746 votes and Casale retained his seat by receiving 1,691 votes, according to results posted online by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office.

The other candidates in the race for the three-year terms were Kristin Schloss, who received 1,274 votes, Paula Menar, who received 1,236 votes, Natalie Biello, who received 1,150 votes, and Amrita Singh, who received 992 votes.

In a joint statement with McGovern and Casale, DePinho wrote, “We are honored to have been re-elected and wish to thank everyone for (their) support. We also want to thank once again all of the candidates who ran for the board. We hope we can join our shared passion and all come together as a community to support the great work being done in our schools.

“The three of us greatly respect the trust that has been placed in us and we remain committed to fulfilling a vision of excellence for our schools while doing so in a fiscally sound manner,” DePinho wrote. “We look forward to working together in partnership to achieve new goals and continue making our schools the best that they can be to benefit all members of the Millstone community.”

Menar, Schloss and Biello, who campaigned together, congratulated the incumbents.

“I congratulate the incumbents and wish them success on dealing with the present and upcoming challenges,” Menar said. “I thank all those who supported me. I remain committed to helping in any way I can and to remain vigilant and active on behalf of the community. I am also very proud to see the interest in the issues and the conversation that has started and will continue.”

“Congratulations to the incumbents on their re-election,” Schloss said.

Gordon received 2,738 votes to win the one-year unexpired term.

“I am proud to be serving this town on the board, having spent the past nine-and-a-half years building a strong educational delivery with my fellow board members,” she said. “I am especially privileged to be spending next year with Kevin McGovern, Sal Casale and David DePinho as these gentlemen have passionately served the school district and community well and the community clearly saw that.”

The election results are unofficial until they are certified by Monmouth County.

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