CRANBURY: Township Committee thanks police department for its service


By Vita Duva, Correspondent
Deputy Mayor Glenn Johnson read a resolution at the Township Committee meeting Nov. 14 thanking the officers of the Cranbury Township Police Department for their dedication and service to Cranbury Township.
The resolution also supported the striping of a thin blue line down the middle of Main Street from Schoolhouse Lane to Park Place, which was done in recognition and appreciation of the CTPD officers placing their lives on the line while performing the duties necessary to protect the public and ensure a safe community.
“There is a collective awareness that I think Cranbury has that I am very proud of,” Township Committee member David Cook said in support of the project.
To date, 17 sworn members of the CTPD continue to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week protecting the community and providing all manners of emergency response to people in need.
The Township Committee went on to extend thanks to the members of the CTPD for their dedication and exemplary service.
“It’s not just that you keep us all safe. We sort of presume that, but I think it’s the part that you play in our community, and again with our children,” said Township Committee member Susan Goetz. “Our children are not growing up afraid of police officers, they’re growing up believing that the police officers are there for them and their friends – that they can go to a police officer if they need help. I credit you all with doing that, and the extra time that you take to talk to the kids is really well worth it.”
“I’ve really gotten to know a lot of you all during my time on the Township Committee. It’s a great bunch of people – just good human beings overall,” Mayor Dan Mulligan added. “I can’t thank everyone enough that’s a police officer in Cranbury for the work that you do. The blue stripe is the least we can do to acknowledge your service.”
In other news:
– As already reported, Mayor Mulligan and Deputy Mayor Johnson were both re-elected for another three-year term to the Cranbury Township Committee last week. During reports, Deputy Mayor Johnson took a moment to congratulate Mayor Mulligan on his recent success. “Thank you, and I too want to congratulate you,” Mayor Mulligan said in response. “Glenn and I get to serve together for another three years.” He continued, “Thank you to everybody who came out and voted, and participated in the election. It’s appreciated, and it’s an honor to serve here and now.”
– During a work session, Cranbury Township Engineer, Bill Tanner discussed with the Township Committee the costs for various road patch jobs within the Township.
– Chief of the Cranbury Volunteer Fire Company, Mike Kervan presented the company’s monthly report highlighting volunteer hours, previously held events and upcoming events. Mr. Kervan went on to brief a few calls of significance, including a brush fire, an industrial accident out on Route 130 and a couple of trips out to the New Jersey Turnpike. Township Committee member, James Taylor went on to add that the company is still in need of volunteers. “Absolutely,” Mr. Kervan responded. “We need as many volunteers as we can get. If you’re interested, stop down to the Firehouse on a Monday night, we’ll show you around and get you an application.”
– The next Township Committee meeting is slated for Monday, Nov. 28, at 7 p.m.