HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: Candidates thanked for effort and dedication


To the editor: 
As the chairperson of the Hopewell Township Democratic Party, I would like to thank Kristin McLaughlin and Michael Ruger for their tireless effort and dedication to the recent Township Committee election. It’s clear the voters wanted a change in government nationally as well as locally. Ms. McLaughlin was the top vote getter while Mr. Ruger received more votes than the incumbent Todd Brant. The totals, including vote-by-mail ballots, were: McLaughlin 4,880, Hart 4,812, Ruger 4,639, Brant 4,519.
I’m confident that Ms. McLaughlin will represent all the residents of Hopewell Township. Kristin does not believe there is a Democratic way or a Republican way to solve the challenges facing all of us and she is committed to working in a collaborative manner to defend our water and the environment and protect the township’s rural character from overdevelopment.
Finally, I would like to thank all the voters of Hopewell Township for their active participation in the election process and for taking the time to get to know our candidates. 
Ray Disch 
Hopewell Township 