Police force sports hairy faces to promote cancer awareness

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SOUTH RIVER — Officers of the South River Police Department (SRPD) have been participating in activities that bring attention to cancer.

During the past two months, the department has been using its active community platform to help raise awareness for cancer, from sporting pink shirts under their uniforms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October to temporarily allowing officers to grow out their beards in November to represent the hair lost during cancer treatments.

“As part of the SRPD’s participation in the No-Shave November campaign, the usually well-groomed officers and employees from the SRPD [ditched] their razors for the month all in the name of raising money and awareness for cancer,” South River Police Chief Mark Tinitigan announced on Facebook. “Coming on the heels of the department’s breast cancer awareness initiatives during the month of October, No-Shave November is all about embracing our hair, which many patients lose during cancer treatment.”

Money typically spent on razors and shaving during the month was instead donated to charities for cancer research and to aid those fighting cancer battles, Tinitigan said.

“I … thank our officers and employees for participating. On Dec. 1, our department’s grooming policy will be back in full effect until next November,” he said.

The department had raised more than double their initial goal of $2,500, raising a total of $6,196, as of press time. Donations on behalf of the SRPD can be made directly to No-Shave.org under the SRPD team.

“Residents can keep an eye on our department’s various social media accounts for updates and pictures during the month,” Sgt. Edwin Yorek said.

Previously, during the month of October, the department wanted to show its support for people who have been affected by breast cancer.

“For the month of October, our agency took a ‘Think Pink Theme’ by dressing our police vehicles with pink patch overlays. In addition, some of the officers of the department displayed pink Breast Cancer Awareness citation bars on their Class A uniforms, while others sported pink undershirts while wearing their Class B duty uniforms,” Yorek said. “The result: a public display of support for those who are battling this particular cancer along with many who have suffered losses of loved ones from the disease.”

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/SouthRiverPoliceDepartment.

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