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Customer service would help ensure package delivery

Eric Sucar


I have been hearing a lot in the news lately about missing packages from people’s front porches. The carriers that deliver the package can solve this problem.

For example, as it is now, the delivery person sets the package on the front porch and rings the doorbell. The carrier does not wait to see if the customer is at home. What ever happened to making sure the customer gets the shipment? There have been times when I was doing something upstairs and by the time I get downstairs the delivery person is in the truck already.

In some cases, the customer may not be at home. Is it too much effort to go next door and leave the package with someone?

In conclusion, there is a solution to this problem and if the carriers (UPS, Fed Ex, DHL etc.) would finish doing the job by making sure the shipment actually gets into the customer’s hands then there would not be any problems.

What ever happened to customer service?

Michael Hart
North Brunswick

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