Police identify man crushed at cardboard compacting facility

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EAST BRUNSWICK — A man who was crushed to death in a cardboard compactor at an East Brunswick salvage yard has been identified.

Alvaro Esteban, 22, of Freehold, died on Dec. 8 at Atlantic Sales and Salvage on Edgeboro Road in East Brunswick.

“Esteban died in the cardboard recycling area of the Atlantic Sales and Salvage facility,” said Joanna Hawkins, deputy regional director of the U.S. Labor Department’s Philadelphia Regional Office of Public Affairs for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

However, specific details about Esteban’s death and the incident have not been revealed.

“The incident is [currently] an active investigation,” said Lt. Sean Goggins, the East Brunswick Police Department’s public information officer.

Officials at Atlantic Sales and Salvage have been cooperative with the investigation, Goggins said.

OSHA is also investigating Atlantic Sales and Salvage in order to determine if the company violated any OSHA safety and health standards, according to Hawkins.

“The company has no previous OSHA history,” she said.

Officials at Atlantic Sales and Salvage did not wish to comment.

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