Sportika trains young athletes


Mission Statement

Sportika’s mission is to provide a comprehensive “humanistic” approach to developing young athletes.  We at Sportika are committed to developing not only the physical skill of each young athlete, but also their intellect, emotion, instinct, and intuition.

We execute our mission by utilizing the most dedicated, skilled, and passionate professional sports trainers in an innovative, industry leading, indoor sports complex.  This state-of-the-art, multi-dimensional indoor sports complex also includes strategic partnerships with professionals specializing in speed, agility, strength conditioning, physical therapy, academic mentoring, life-skills coaching, and character enrichment.

Vision Statement

Sportika envisions a community in which every young athlete experiences a nurturing environment of coaching, instruction, and mentorship support, which in turn will allow them to develop into their full athletic and citizenship potential. Sportika will play an integral part in developing young athletes to perform at the highest levels of their chosen sport while simultaneously develop into young, socially conscious contributing citizens.


Success is achieved through motivation, inspiration, and technically superior instruction by the Sportika team of Academy coaches and the state-of-the-art training of Sportika-Parabolic.


Success is achieved through academic mentoring delivered by the Sportika-Brainstorm staff of academic professionals who teach to the “whole” child and not just the content.


Success is achieved through youth mentoring and life-skills curriculum and workshops passionately delivered by Sportika-Goodworx.