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Used car dealership will replace ‘eyesore’ on Route 9

By Jacqueline Durett

SAYREVILLE—The borough will be gaining an additional business on Route 9, thanks to an approval from the Planning Board.

The former American Stone business will become a used car and truck dealership.

Ammar Hajiko, owner of New Jersey Truck Spot Corp., went before the board on Jan. 18 with a minor site plan application, which required approval before he could open shop. American Stone had had some variances for the property, and Hajiko needed waivers to have those variances carry forward to his business.

Hajiko has a five-year lease for the half-acre site, which is located just before the Garden State Parkway North ramp on Route 9. The new business would be adjacent to an existing car dealership next door.

Hajiko said he intends to use the current 1,370-square-foot building and lighting on the property, as well as update the existing signage.

However, he said he will be adding a shed to the site for minor detailing for trucks prior to sale. Hajiko said no truck repairs will be made on site.

“What you have before you is a young entrepreneur applicant wanting to open up a business here in Sayreville,” explained attorney Michael Paige, who said that his client would be bringing more than a new business to the site. “He wants to improve the location … from the way it exists now.”

Hajiko said his plans for the property include some beautification efforts, which the board supported. That includes landscaping in front of the building—“more of a modern look,” he said. Some of the blacktop currently there will be cut out to accommodate the new landscaping.

“It’s been an eyesore,” said Planning Board Chairman Thomas Tighe. “Anything you can do to make that look nice. We’d like to see you succeed just as much as make it look pretty.”

Hajiko’s engineer, John Ploskonka, said before the site became a granite countertop business in 2005, it had been a car dealership.

Paige encouraged the board to approve the application.

“Hopefully he’ll be able to grow his business and become a success and provide a benefit to the town of Sayreville in doing so,” he said.

There were no public comments on the application, and Planning Board member Michael Macagnone made a motion to approve the application.

“In the limited amount of Route 9 that goes through Sayreville, we should encourage businesses, as many as we can,” he said.

A vote was taken, and Hajiko’s application was unanimously approved. Board members congratulated Hajiko as they voted.

“Welcome to Sayreville; good luck,” Allen Chodkiewicz said.

“That looks like a welcome improvement for that property,” Deborah Lee said.

“Best of luck to you,” Councilman Pat Lembo said.

“I hope you do well,” added Anna O’Leary.

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