Milltown Mel predicts an early spring


Staff Writer

MILLTOWN — Milltown Mel predicted an early spring this morning despite light snow flurries falling during Milltown’s annual celebration of Groundhog Day.

Dressed in black coats and black top hats, the Milltown Wranglers — including Councilman Jerry Guthlein, who is Mel’s handler; Mayor Eric Steeber; and Councilman Ron Dixon — led the procession held in the parking lot of the American Legion.

A crowd of children who helped wake Mel up chanted, “Don’t see shadow, don’t see shadow.”

“Citizens of Milltown, an early spring or more winter … what will it be?” bellowed Jack Bicsko, one of the Milltown Wranglers, on behalf of Mel. “Looking around no shadow I see, my prediction for today as I dance for joy is an early spring.”

The adults and children who came out were all smiles and yelled “Yay” as Mel made his prediction. They waved American flags, wore Groundhog Day hats and some blew noisemakers and shook tambourines.

The groundhog anecdotes were given out to the crowd by the Wranglers.