King Arthur and his knights will bring ‘Spamalot’ to life


By Michael Benavides
Staff Writer

JACKSON – Students at Jackson Liberty High School will take audiences back to the days of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table when they present the musical “Monty Python’s Spamalot” at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 23, at 7 p.m. Feb. 24 and at 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Feb. 25.

The community is invited to attend the play at the high school, 125 North Hope Chapel Road, Jackson.

Director Nicole Mathias said “Spamalot” is based on the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” The plot of the movie and the play revolves around King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail.

“While many of the classic moments of the (movie) are included in the stage version, there are some new gimmicks to enjoy.  … When God gives Arthur a quest, he and his knights follow the advice of the Lady of the Lake and search far and wide for the holy grail,” Mathias said.

“The king learns much on his quest, especially that he should always look on the bright side of life and that he is not all alone. Perhaps the most exciting addition for the play is the inclusion of a showstopping number, ‘You Won’t Succeed on Broadway.’ The fun is non-stop and the show is full of mature humor, as is expected in anything bearing the name Monty Python,” Mathias said.

The cast of characters includes King Arthur, his knights, the Lady of the Lake, sirens and Laker girls, a historian/minstrel, Not Dead Fred, the Knights of Ni, French taunters and guards, the Black Knight, and Prince Herbert and his father.

The cast includes Dante Mathias (King Arthur), Lauren Robinson (Lady of the Lake), Thomas Della Donna (Dennis/Sir Galahad), Nicolas Mathias (Patsy), Maxx Silvan (Sir Lancelot), Johnny Peacock (Sir Robin), Erika England (Historian/Minstrel), Jonah Resnick (Prince Herbert) and Jack Hemhauser (Sir Bedevere/Mrs. Galahad).

Others appearing are Emily Bonino, Lejla Canka, Hannah Reiter, Lianne Richards, Ashley Rosenstack, Skylar Trostinsky, Brianna Xavier, Michael Lundy, Mikayla Greenway, Mason Silvan, Eric Miller, Elijah Teopaco, Lauren Sodano.

And, Daniella Johnson, Falyn Vega, Emily Verilli, Patricia Kwiatek, Jess Bennett, Matthew Deck, Arina Martin, Austin Mitrione and Jacob Swomiak.

Allison Erwin, the coordinator of communications and technology for the Jackson School District, cautioned parents that “Spamalot” contains humor that may be too mature for children under 12.

“The play was selected because it is popular and fun, we had the right distribution of males and females in our talent pool that would enable us to offer many of the students a feature opportunity, and the production team enjoyed watching the show last spring in South Jersey,” Mathias said. “Our production team and the company of ‘Spamalot’ are hoping the community will come out and enjoy this evening of song, dance and comedy.”

All advance purchase seating is reserved. Tickets are $12 for students and seniors, and $15 for adults. In-person ticket sales are held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Use door No. 39 at Jackson Liberty High School. Tickets will be on sale at the rear of the auditorium. Tickets may be reserved in advance by emailing [email protected]

If any tickets remain following the advance sale, they will be sold at the door prior to a performance ($15 for students and seniors, and $18 for adults).