Students get a ‘handle’ on manufacturing of hygiene products


MILLTOWN – Students from Joyce Kilmer School recently took a day trip to stimulate their curiosities about manufacturing and the production of consumer products.

Jennifer Moskovich, a Grade 6 science teacher at the Milltown middle school, organized the trip to Colgate Palmolive Technology Center in Piscataway on Jan. 18 to connect the students to the real world usage of newer technologies found both at Colgate Palmolive and at Joyce Kilmer School, according to a statement provided by Principal William Veit.

While on site, the students visited the “toothbrush hall of fame” where they were able to observe a wide variety of toothbrushes including the very first manufactured toothbrushes that were made from bone and animal hair. They also were able to observe and manipulate a handleless toothbrush, and a toothbrush with a decorative porcelain handle.

The students then visited a 3D printing lab, where they were able to observe a 3D printer working to construct new products.

“The students observed abstract thoughts and ideas turn into concrete, usable, tangible products in a few short hours,” Veit said. “They handled and observed many prototypes of products on sale in stores today that were first built using a 3D printer. This portion of the trip was especially intriguing for the students, as the recent addition of a 3D printer to the Joyce Kilmer Media Center has the students and staff excited about the creative and academic possibilities for its use.”

Finally, the students visited the hand soap lab where they were given a liquid soap base. Then, the students had to add a color of their choice, an appealing scent and brine to make to the soap thicker, Veit said. They created a name for their new soap, and were challenged to do a “marketing pitch” for their newly created soap to their fellow classmates.

“This cross-curricular experience was both academically stimulating and fun for the students involved. The experience and knowledge they return to Joyce Kilmer with will surely be reflected in their use of the new 3D Printer at Joyce Kilmer as well as their passion for manufacturing, marketing, and sales which is focused on in their DECA elective,” Veit said.