HOPEWELL BOROUGH: Johnson should win the Democratic primary


To the editor:
New Jersey is one of only two states in the country who will be electing a governor this November – all eyes will be on us in this very heated political landscape. As always, it is important for residents to be engaged and informed during the election.
I am writing today in strong support of Jim Johnson, who is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor in the June 6 Primary Election. As a Democrat, I have looked at the slate of Democratic candidates – and on the issues, they are all very aligned with each other. The difference within the Democratic Primary comes down to experience, character, integrity, and electability. I believe strongly that Jim Johnson is the clear leader in all categories.
Jim served in the Clinton administration, where as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement he oversaw one third of federal law enforcement. In recent years, he brought together members of the civil rights and law enforcement communities in a collaboration known as NJ Communities Forward, which adopted a new approach that contributed to new policies on body cameras, implicit bias training, and independent shooting reviews. Jim has a proven record of bring together opposing sides on an issue and finding common ground and workable solutions. Once you have met him and heard him speak, it is not at all surprising that he has this ability. His calm and respectful demeanor, together with his proven experience, is exactly what the state needs right now.
I encourage my fellow residents to take a much closer look at Johnson, and remember that we do not need to accept the decision of the party leaders, which came out early in support of Goldman Sachs Executive Phil Murphy. Even with all of the resources the Murphy campaign has, the newest Quinnipiac Poll still has the undecideds in the lead at 52 percent of Democrats. Murphy comes in second at 26 percent, and Johnson is next at seven percent. It is also important to note that, while Murphy’s numbers did not change significantly from the poll six weeks prior, Johnson doubled his position in that same time period, pulling ahead of another candidate.
I encourage my fellow Democrats to come out in support of Jim Johnson on June 6, giving us the strongest possible candidate for the November election. I am confident of Johnson’s ability to reclaim the Governor’s seat for the Democratic Party.
Heidi Wilenius
Hopewell Borough