MONTGOMERY: Intoxicated man borrows car, drives to police station


By Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
A Belle Mead man who borrowed a car and drove to the Montgomery Township Police Department in search of his own car found himself facing multiple charges, including driving while intoxicated, according to the Montgomery Township Police Department., Kurt J. Lehmann, 58,of Belle Mead believed his car had been towed to the police department headquarters and borrowed a car to drive there in an attempt to locate it on May 2, police said., When Lehmann arrived at the police department, he showed signs of intoxication and was given field sobriety tests, police said. He failed the tests and police charged him with driving while intoxicated., Lehmann was also charged with failure to comply with license restrictions, failure to install an interlock device on his car and failure to exhibit a driver’s license, police said., He was released to the custody of a friend, and has a pending appearance in Montgomery Township Municipal Court.