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Can we ever get a ‘Cybill’ Reunion?

Question: I love the chemistry between Cybill Shepherd and Christine Baranski in the old Cybill show. If Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin can pull off a series at their age with Grace and Frankie, do you think those former co-stars might consider doing something together? —Shulamith

Matt Roush: Maybe in a future season of FX’s Feud. It’s fair to say, without descending to the level of a gossip column, that the Cybill set wasn’t among the most cordial in the annals of sitcoms, with much speculation that the title star wasn’t thrilled to see her co-star get so many accolades. In this time of TV sitcom reunions — with Will & Grace and Roseanne the most recent — would I love to see what Cybill and Maryann are up to these days? Yes, indeed. But Baranski seems quite content continuing as Diane Lockhart on The Good Fight and I don’t see a Cybill reunion in her future.

Question: When CNN’s original series The History of Comedy aired, there was a lot of news breaking then, so they were pre-empted. Only three of the eight scheduled episodes aired. Will we see the remaining episodes? —Walter
Matt Roush: I’m told the series will be relaunched in July and the remaining five episodes will air at that time. More summer TV fun!

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