Letters to the editor are appreciated

I am writing to thank you for publishing several letters to the editor in the News Transcript of May 10, 2017. I read the News Transcript cover to cover every week and those were two of the better letters I have seen in a long time.

Borden Applegate of Jackson is absolutely right to endorse and encourage the separation of church and state doctrine that is bedrock to our U.S. Constitution, but often flouted by demagogues in our political realm. These are severely perilous times, with a Demagogue in Chief actively seeking to subvert our democracy.

Similarly, Bruce Brickman of Manalapan highlights very well the tragic theft of our right to privacy in the legislation recently rammed through Congress and the White House – revoking protections previously put in place which protected all citizens from severely intrusive dangers.

I am sure these two letters will provoke typical “know nothing” diatribes attempting to fact deny, so I wanted to share my support and appreciation for fact-based ideas and discourse in hopes that others will be encouraged to engage in it as well.

Thank you Borden Applegate, Bruce Brickman and News Transcript. In a dark time, a little enlightenment is deeply needed and appreciated.

Victor Wittmann