United States should not support Paris climate accord

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

The presidential election is over. This is the United States of America and like it or not, Donald Trump has been elected president.

The obstructionists like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Corey Booker, Robert Menendez and various other anti-Trump factions are screaming and hollering over President Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate change agreement. We divorced ourselves from Europe in 1776 and we went back to save her twice. We should not pay for them to clean up their own environment. We have done a good job on this continent.

We also have the technology that will allow us to go further without restricting our use of fossil fuels. One of the off gases of combustion is carbon dioxide. That gas is taken up by plants and the product of that transpiration is oxygen.

Climate change is natural. The global warming hysteria is based on flawed or incomplete science and propoganda. President Trump is doing his job in extricating us from those who want America last. We want America first.

Richard Pender
North Brunswick


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