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X marks the spot where towns converge

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EDISON — Just like their forefathers did 54 years ago, the mayors of Edison, Plainfield, Scotch Plains and South Plainfield converged where their four municipalities meet.

This time — for a toast and signing — to rededicate and commemorate the gathering by their predecessors — Robert Maddox (Plainfield), John George (South Plainfield), Anthony Yelencsics (Edison) and Norman Lacombe (Scotch Plains) — so many years ago, which has been dubbed “X Marks the Spot.”

The current mayors, Plainfield Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, Edison Mayor Tom Lankey, South Plainfield Mayor Matthew P. Anesh and Scotch Plains Mayor Al Smith said they vow to continue the spirit and friendship of their predecessors and work together for the betterment of their communities.

Mapp welcomed the crowd of many dignitaries and the public who gathered on Woodland Avenue, just north of Sprague Avenue, on May 23.

Lankey said the four neighboring communities have maintained their cooperative spirit in service to the many residents for more than a half-century.

“I am very proud to represent Edison in this historic re-dedication,” he said.

Dorothy Miele, president of the South Plainfield Historical Society, said it’s rare to have four municipalities meet in one location.

“That’s why I found it so interesting,” she said.

The spot is the only place in central New Jersey where north-south and east-west dividing lines meet to separate four towns and two counties, Middlesex and Union.

Miele said she had found an old newspaper clipping, which had a front page photo of the occasion and an article from the May 27, 1963 edition of the Plainfield Courier News.

The dedication, in 1963, Miele said occurred on May 25 and according to the newspaper article, the mayors marked the spot with an “X”, which they said should serve as a reminder of friendly cooperation between the four towns.

South Plainfield Administrator Glenn Cullen said the goal of the event was to get the four municipalities together and recreate what happened back in 1963.

“We hope to have a manhole installed at the location with the seal of the four municipalities etched on it marking the spot for future generations,” he said.

Lunch sponsored by local restaurants was provided after the re-dedication.

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