HILLSBOROUGH: Times are changing in Hillsborough – elect Dems to committee


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To the editor:
There are several interesting aspects in the lead story about the primary election printed in The Hillsborough Beacon on June 9.
In the voting for Hillsborough Township Committee, the Democrats Harry Burke and Jane Staats garnered 1,622 and 1,646 votes, to the Republicans Gloria McCauley and Doug Tomson’s 1,643 and 1,639.
In the 25 years that I have voted in Hillsborough, the Democratic vote has usually trailed well behind the Republican vote. What is equally surprising is that this came about with the long-time Hillsborough legislator Jack Ciattarelli at the top of the Republican ticket.
With our increasingly complex culture, we need a broad spectrum of expertise.
Jane Staats is a thirty-year resident of the township. She has taught high school mathematics for 32 years, 18 of which were at Hillsborough High School (HHS). Her skill in problem solving will be useful in the yearly municipal budget process. Ms. Staats has many interpersonal skills and a history of student assistance beyond the school experience. She continues to volunteer at Mary Mother of God Parish for the Children’s Liturgy and the Arts and Environment Committee. She is also an artist for the HHS Theatre and the Somerset Valley Playhouse here in Hillsborough.
Mr. Harry Burke is a remarkable Hillsborough-born young man. He is committed to the study of government on both the local and global scale. He has worked on programs for children and adults with disabilities and in the Meals on Wheels program for senior citizens. He has worked in Uganda where he assisted in building a home for a family of seven and where he taught lacrosse to youths. Mr. Burke played Division I lacrosse at St. John’s University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He is currently an employment specialist for people with disabilities. Our town needs the perspective of Harry Burke.
The election for township committee is several months away, but both Jane Staats and Harry Burke are already interacting with voters and listening to their suggestions for a better Hillsborough.
Volunteers such as myself will help in their election. Let us go to it!
Amadeo F. D’Adamo Jr.