Scammers do not take a summer vacation

Summer scams are skyrocketing and everyone, regardless of age, is being scammed. Scammers use robot calls, regular telephone calls, emails, social media, eBay, Craigslist and more.

The latest warnings about scams focus on electric costs, puppy purchases and house rentals.

Jersey Central Power & Light warns people not to fall for the so-called federal assistance programs. In this scam, a telephone caller says your electric bill can be reduced in exchange for personal information. There is no such program.

Another electric company scam comes from a telephone caller saying your account is overdue and your electric power will be turned off unless you send immediate payment. The caller wants a wire transfer. Individuals should only pay their electric bill by check directly to the company.

Summer is a great time to buy a puppy or to rent a house. A local shelter may have a suitable dog. Most important is that you see and can play with
the dog, or if you have a particular breed in mind, contact a breeder who is approved by the American Kennel Club. Pay by check or credit card. Do not use a debit card or a wire transfer.

Summer is also the time to rent a house, for vacation or because you are moving. Use a regular real estate agent. Do not use Internet listings because pictures can be hacked and pasted into the listing. If you are moving to a new city, have a friend visit the apartment or house. Never use a money transfer for a deposit.

Carol Abaya