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North Brunswick High makes a PUSH for character education

Staff Writer

NORTH BRUNSWICK – North Brunswick Township High School (NBTHS) is one of two high schools in Middlesex County to be recognized with a national award.

The Prevention Using Student Help (PUSH) Club at the high school had been selected as a 2017 National Promising Practice by Character.org, the same organization that designates National Schools of Character, which NBTHS also falls under.

“Our PUSH Club program is designed to allow high school students the opportunity to work with their peers to develop presentations and interactive activities in order to educate elementary school students about making positive decisions that impact their everyday lives,” advisor Richard Kopik said. “Through visitation to elementary classrooms, students speak on topics that are relevant and practical in teaching their younger peers how to be positive members of society. Elementary school students need to experience positive role modeling from teens who are willing to make a commitment to making the decisions that will positively affect their lives. Adolescents must face and are influenced by many negative factors in our society. To effectively combat these factors, positive attitudes must be established as they develop into young adults.”

Character.org will celebrate this year’s winners during the National Forum on Character Education in Virginia in October.

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