HOPEWELL BORO: Library opens ‘doors’ in annual scavenger hunt through July


Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
Hiding in plain sight are 36 doors, and all of them are in Hopewell Borough.
Those are the doors to the Hopewell Public Library’s annual fun scavenger hunt – “The doors of Hopewell” – which kicked off July 1 and runs until July 31.
The scavenger hunt includes a shorter version for children that features 12 doors – not the 36-door version for teens, adults and families.
The scavenger hunt is a self-scheduled, self-guided event. The deadline to turn in the scavenger hunt form is 8 p.m. July 31 at the Hopewell Public Library at 13 East Broad Street.
“It’s just a fun event and it is something for the community to do,” staff librarian Connie Dixon said.
“It’s really just for fun. It lets people get to know Hopewell Borough. It’s for the whole month of July, so there is plenty of time to jump in (and participate),” Dixon said.
The scavenger hunt, which is free, is open to everyone, Dixon said. It is not necessary to be a library patron or even to live in Hopewell Borough, she said. The goal is to have fun and get to know Hopewell Borough.
The scavenger hunt is an annual event that has a different theme each year, Dixon said. Last year, it was “125” because the borough was celebrating its 125th anniversary. There were 125 items, all of which had the number “125” on them, she said.
But this year, the theme is doors – the beautiful, dignified, shabby, chic, sophisticated, historical and whimsical doors of Hopewell Borough.
Some of the doors are on houses on well-traveled street, but others are a little harder to find. All of the doors can be seen from the sidewalk, so there is no need to step onto private property.
And although the scavenger hunt had only started Saturday, Dixon said that when she arrived at the library Monday morning, a young boy was waiting for her to arrive so he could turn in his completed form.
Although the scavenger hunt is not a fund-raiser for the library, posters of the doors will