HILLSBOROUGH: Heroin is a problem in schools


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To the editor:
I believe Hillsborough needs to take more steps towards stopping heroin abuse. Heroin has been spreading rapidly in the high school. While the police recently came to the high school to search for heroin, they found nothing. There are still clearly heroin abusers, who just stash their drugs at other locations. Many people were also alerted of the search ahead of time from children of the police officers.
Harsher steps need to be taken to stop the spreading of this very dangerous drug. People can’t know about the checks ahead of time.
Heroin is a serious problem, and is one of the most dangerous drugs anyone could ever use. If this is not handled quickly, heroin will only spread more, even beginning to enter the middle school.
In conclusion, I believe heroin is the largest threat to our community at the moment, and these searches need to be more thorough, more frequent, and more spontaneous if we want to truly lessen the amount of abuse.
Andrew VanLangen