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Metuchen reader advocates for ‘melting pot’

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the July 12th edition of The Sentinel, regarding a pledge of “Confronting Bigotry.” Whenever I hear the term “diversity” I think about another term “unity” which is left out of today’s political discourse, i.e.  common traditional American Values that unite all people in this country. The framer’s of our Constitution created a magnificent document that inspires people from all over the world to come to this country and pursue a better life for themselves and their families in freedom and peace.

Diversity and Multicultural training is a progressive left political movement that seeks to undermine the institutions of our Democracy. This movement started in the late 60’s in academia. It drove Civics and Western history out of the classroom and it bred a moral equivalence to all Nations around the world with the USA, ” No country or political system is better then the other just different” such a fallacy. Today on America’s campuses we have speech codes, safe spaces, and ironically such a lack of diversity of opinion that opposing views are shouted down and silenced, universities were in the past bastions of free speech where opposing views could be debated on merits with fact and historical perspective, sadly this is not the case today. I believe if we as a nation continue down this road of a cultural mosaic instead of a melting pot, it will fracture the country and lead to it’s demise. The countries of Europe are a modern day reminder of what it means to lose one’s nation identity.

Furthermore, addressing the officials statement that “everyday we experience some form of hate” where is this occurring? I see a citizenry of over 300 million people who live in peace and who respect one another although we disagree on many subjects. Politicians on the other hand seem to relish in dividing the country for political gain, I was astounded by the comment of Metuchen Mayor Peter Cammarano, it really illustrates the absolute contempt people in power have for their constituents. When asked by his account who would reside in the mass density housing downtown his reply was “Not sure, I think they are people” Mayor you work for us the taxpayer have you forgotten? The valid questions that people have are about our schools, traffic, crime and quality of life, yet the Mayor hears dog whistles  NOT FAIR, I challenge any individual to know what’s in the heart of their fellow American given such short shrift.

America is the most welcoming country on the face of the earth, takes in more refugees, gives out more foreign aid and when a natural disaster occurs our country is on the frontline with it’s people donating money, supplies etc. We live in a great country, not perfect, yet it strives to become a better place always. I wish one day soon the recognition of the miracle that America is will bring us all closer in unity.                                                                                                                     Sincerely,


                                                                                   Peter Parello



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