PENNINGTON: Residents fed up with unreliable postal service


Andrew Martins, Managing Editor
To the editor:
I live in Pennington and we have serious problems with the Pennington Post Office that has been going on for months. Mail delivery has been very sporadic. Some residents only get mail delivered twice a week. Some go as much as a week with no mail delivered. Mail and packages are routinely misdelivered and lost.
Residents try calling the Pennington Post Office, but no one ever picks up. Some have tried to meet with the Post Master, but that person refuses to speak with residents. The employees at the front desk tell customers various stories about why the postal service has been so bad including: carriers are on vacation, people have retired, there are temps working among other things.
The residents are fed up with the poor service. It is a public hazard when needed prescriptions, checks, and bills are not delivered on time. The Post Office has avoided hearing the concerns of the customers.
We need [Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman’s] office to step in and intervene to get the service back up and running to the standard that the residents of Pennington and Hopewell Township expect.
In addition, I have sent a copy of this letter to Hopewell Township Committee members: Mayor Kevin Kuchinski and John Hart.
Cheryl Edwards