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Marlboro teen works to improve community garden

MARLBORO – Boy Scout Jack Chazotte has completed his Eagle Scout project at the Marlboro Community Garden, Tennent Road.

Jack, who will be a junior at Colts Neck High School in September, has been a Boy Scout for nine years. He worked with members of Marlboro’s Community Garden and Shade Tree Committee to plan and create a kiosk and several composting bins at the community garden.

The community garden is dedicated to the preservation of green space and to providing a place where people may learn and connect. The young man’s project was approved by the Shade Tree Committee in May.

Jack constructed a bulletin board to display information about the garden to individuals who are already participating and to people who visit the garden to learn what it is all about. He built four composting bins made of cedar that were milled especially for his project.

Jack said his fifth grade teacher, Mary Eng, provided him with inspiration for the project.

“She was extremely kind and supportive and when I began to pursue the project, that same sense of support was constant with everyone I contacted,” he said. “I thought of several other projects, but the pride and devotion the gardeners and the Shade Tree Committee felt about the community garden’s well-being caused me to wholeheartedly pursue this project.”

Jack thanked his troop, Troop 85, and troop leader Ray Gleode. Troop 85 is chartered by Marlboro’s Robertsville Volunteer Fire Company.

Jack said his parents, Ken and Dana Chazotte, were instrumental in helping to get his project finished.

“My dad was a guide to me while planning and implementing the project, but he also made sure I was always in control of the design, construction and communication of the project,” he said.

“My mom was most helpful when completing the finishing touches and she made countless runs to hardware stores and food stores. She made sure the health and safety of the volunteers was always accounted for,” Jack added.

Jack gave special thanks to Shade Tree Committee member Ellen Simonetti.

“She was a huge help throughout the project and was the main contact between me and the Shade Tree Committee … Ellen would come to the garden whenever we worked … She got the permit for the bulletin board to be installed and was the first person to see the final product,” the young man said.

Jack thanked volunteers Dennis Abate, Peter Theologis, Benjamin Amster, Lukas Arteni, Bradley Loui and Rithik Eleti for their assistance with the project.

Shade Tree Committee Chairman Jeffrey Weiss praised the Boy Scout, saying, “Jack is a special young man. He approaches his work with diligence and a commitment to finish a project not only until its completion, but with a level of excellence. We appreciate his efforts and the time he spent helping beautify Marlboro.”

“My take-away on this project is that this has been a great learning experience,” Jack said. “I will continue to carry the importance of this project through the years to come.”

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