Reader: Wawa gas station is unnecessary in North Brunswick

The proposed expansion of the Route 27 North Brunswick Wawa is a very bad idea.

As a lifelong resident and business owner in North Brunswick and Somerset, I travel on Route 27 numerous times everyday, and know, firsthand, the traffic problems at the Wawa facility.

The current proposal before the North Brunswick Zoning Board is for eight gas pumps to be added to the Wawa site. 
The current building would also be torn down and a new building would be erected.
The questions are: Why do we want another gas station at an already terribly dangerous intersection? Why do we want a gas station in our backyards? Why do we want another gas station when there are so many gas stations nearby? Why is the Zoning Board ignoring residents’ concerns?
The answer is: We don’t want a gas station at the Wawa.

Zoning Board members, please listen to the people who live here and not to big corporations at your Sept. 19 meeting.

Say No No to Wawa!

Jack Otterbein

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