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Metuchen Pool celebrates 50 years

Metuchen Pool celebrates 50 years
The Metuchen Municipal Pool celebrates 50 years.

METUCHEN — Mayor Peter Cammarano was just three years old in 1967 when the Metuchen Municipal Pool opened.

“I may have been in the kiddie pool, but I was there,” Cammarano said, adding that while he did not have any recollection of being there, he said his sister was the one who informed him their family was at the grand opening ceremony.

During the first week of August, the Metuchen Pool Commission celebrated the 50th anniversary of the pool’s opening.

Jonathan Miller, chair of the Pool Commission, said he had a big banner made that was hung in the entrance showing the panoramic photo from the 1967 opening.

“We had 50 cent slushies, sodas and ice cream sandwiches at the snack bar all day [on Aug. 1] and Friday [Aug. 4],” Miller said.

The pool’s final Family Fun Night on Aug. 4 was dedicated to the 50th anniversary with popular hits from 1967 playing topped off with a colorful birthday cake.

A four page history of the pool was also put on display that was put together by resident Tyreen Reuter.

Based on a review of back issues of local newspapers and archives of the Metuchen-Edison Historical Society, it appears that push for a municipal pool in Metuchen began in earnest in the very early 1960s.

Advocates formed the Metuchen Municipal Pool Association and lobbied the public and Borough Council to pass an ordinance for the pool’s creation as a safe, healthy, and wholesome space for local youth to spend the summer.

A number of undeveloped tracts in the borough were considered as potential sites, but eventually a site in Edgar Woods was chosen as the preferred location.

The proposal for the pool was met with opposition from a group organized called “Citizens for Sound Government.”

The opponents feared high construction and operating costs, potential crime risks and increased traffic.

Eventually a pool proposal was sent to a special public referendum, which was approved.

The architect selected for the project was John MacWilliam and Paddock Pools.

On Aug. 1, 1967, Mayor Thomas Weber with Councilman Eugene Haley cut the ribbon opening the pool, with a large crowd in attendance.

The Metuchen Municipal Pool is located at 50 Lake Avenue. A family membership in 1967 was $60, today a family membership is $390.