Pets should not live in isolation

This letter to the editor is in response to this newspaper’s recent article, “Governor Signs Law to Protect New Jersey Pets.”

Kudos to Gov. Chris Christie for approving the law to protect pets from cruelty as it relates to weather and tethering, but what about pets that are left outside with shelter, but who live their lives in isolation?

There are many jerks who get dogs for whatever reason, then put them in a cage in their backyard with a tarp or a doghouse, feed them once a day, and provide no other human interaction.

Time and again in my town I see dogs that languish in isolated pens, become flea/tick infested with unattended matted fur and live among their own feces. These dogs become unruly, depressed and aggressive through no fault of their own.

Why do people like this have pets? The animals would be better served if they were surrendered to a shelter with the opportunity for adoption.

A tarp and a daily meal does not make for a good life for any living creature. Those who do this to animals should suffer the same fate and see how they like it. I would urge the governor to extend the law to include this type of heartless cruelty.

L.A. Johnson
Upper Freehold Township