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Resident disputes Beck’s school funding plan

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Senator Jennifer Beck’s recent campaign flip-flops are giving me whiplash.

On school funding, Beck has been relentlessly attacking her district-mate Assemblywoman Joann Downey, spreading proven lies about the Assemblywoman as well as Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling, saying they have a school funding “plan” that would siphon money out of Monmouth County schools.

Beck thinks she can trick voters with lies, but she’s overplayed her hand here. Houghtaling and Downey have no such plan. The only school funding legislative solution they have put forward gained bipartisan support in the state Senate. Beck should know — she voted in favor of it!

Why would Beck lie about an imaginary school funding plan? And why would she vote for Houghtaling and Downey’s actual school funding solution and then do an about face? The answer is that Beck will do anything to win her campaign. I hope that her constituents will wake up to her lies and see to is that she doesn’t.

West Long Branch, NJ


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