Former board members take issue with plan

For six years we sat on the Marlboro K-8 School District Board of Education. Although we did not agree on some issues, we always put the students first, advocated for the taxpayer and championed for transparency.

The board is offering the exact same referendum, but has chosen a September date in an attempt to target voters sympathetic to the referendum which has already been rejected twice.

Their proposal is based on a single unverified opinion by an architect who stands to profit.

The claims of systems failing and unavailable parts are simply not true. The boiler manufacturer states they fully support them and will even fabricate parts if not available. Electrical components are available from multiple sources.

The claim of “we might not get the state contribution of 40 percent if we don’t pass this now” is totally false. The state has provided this aid for at least 30 years and there is no indication this will change. These infrastructure grants are given on a yearly basis. Marlboro has received them in the past without a referendum.

The claim of not raising taxes is false. Taxes will rise and the board has resorted to budget gimmicks using surplus tax dollars to offset tax increases on a short-term basis.

The board has said they have enough cash on hand to deal with a number of projects. It is our opinion the board and the administration should develop a 10-year plan to address infrastructure, abide by the wishes of the voters and adopt a fiscally responsible program.

In our opinion, the referendum has been based on a series of falsehoods, half truths, misleading statements and scare tactics shamefully promulgated by the board president, the board and the administration. Shame on them!

Victoria Dean
BonnieSue Rosenwald
former members
Marlboro K-8 school board