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HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: Borges to become new administrator after Pogorzelski retires

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Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
Elaine Borges, Hopewell Township’s current chief financial officer, will take on new responsibilities over the next few months as she moves in to take over as township administrator next year.
Following an unanimous vote by the township committee on Monday, Borges has been tapped to becomes the Hopewell Township assistant administrator. She will eventually take up the mantle of township administrator once Paul Pogorzelski retires this December.
“Elaine has deep ties to Hopewell Township, and has served the township with distinction for many years. Importantly, by having her ‘back-fill’ for Paul, we will maintain continuity in township governance,” Mayor Kuchinski said, adding that he was looking forward to working with Borges.
Borges has worked for the township since 1995, assumed the assistant administrator’s post immediately. Officials said she will continue to serve as the township’s chief financial officer while simultaneously fulfilling the duties that come with being a township administrator, the mayor said.
Bogorzelski, whose last day is Dec. 29, has served as township administrator for nearly 11 years. He also served as the township engineer, until the governing body appointed Mark Kataryniak to become the Community Development director and township engineer earlier this year.
“(Appointing Kataryniak to become the township engineer) enabled us to have an extended transition and hand-over period, so that Mark can benefit from Paul’s deep understanding of the township and to get up to speed as township engineer before Paul retires at the end of the year,” Mayor Kuchinski said.
The township committee’s actions have resulted in combining three positions – community development director, administrator/engineer and chief financial officer – into two positions, Mayor Kuchinski said.

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