Full-day kindergarten debuts in Marlboro school district

MARLBORO – The 2017-18 school year in Marlboro is underway with the debut of a full-day kindergarten program attended by almost 300 children.

Until this school year, Marlboro provided a half-day kindergarten program and all kindergarten classes met at the David C. Abbott Early Learning Center on Tennent Road.

For the past several years, parents had the option to have their child remain in school after the half-day session in order to complete a full day of instruction at an additional cost.

This year, full-day kindergarten classes are being held at the David C. Abbott Early Learning Center, the Frank J. Dugan Elementary School, the Marlboro Elementary School and the Frank Defino Central Elementary School.

Administrators budgeted for 325 kindergarten pupils and said 270 children began the year. Children are attending kindergarten at the school that is closest to their home. Albert Perno, the principal at the early learning center, will oversee the kindergarten program.

Melissa Kennedy, the president of the PTO at the early learning center, said, “I am happy to see full-day kindergarten in Marlboro this year. This was needed to help our kids keep up with the demands of school that are put on them at an earlier age. The additional time will help them perfect the skills they are learning and will hopefully give them some extra time throughout the day to meet new friends and play.”

The district’s current enrollment is projected to be 4,950 pupils. The enrollment at the conclusion of the 2016-17 school year was 5,034 pupils, according to district administrators.

Business Administrator Cindy Barr-Rague said a number of projects at the district’s facilities were completed over the summer

Computer labs at the Defino, Asher Holmes, Dugan and Robertsville elementary schools were renovated. Asher Holmes saw the replacement of concrete at the back of the school, a refurbishing ofย the volleyball court, additional fencing installed and LED lighting changed in classrooms and hallways.

The early learning center had a new a wireless sound system installed. Defino saw the installation of additional fencing. Concrete was replaced at various areas at the Dugan school.

At the Marlboro Elementary School, improvements consisted of a new roof, a new serving line in the cafeteria and new playground equipment. At Robertsville, the gym floor was redone and a new playground was installed.

Marlboro Memorial Middle School upgraded its sound system, renovated its fields with new sod, removed the softball field, completed maintenance work on the sprinkler system and installed new sidewalks.

Marlboro Middle School renovated the nurse’s suite, completed fireproofing work, installed new LED lighting for the parking lot, upgraded/enhanced underground wiring and repaired bleachers in the main gym.

“For the 2017-18 school year, the Marlboro school district will continue to focus upon the instructional pillars of data-driven instructional practices, effective use of small group instruction and targeted use of our digital tools to help all our students achieve,” Superintendent of Schools Eric Hibbs said. “We also believe educational technology used with purpose makes a difference in our schools.”