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Metuchen Public Library opens its doors on Sundays

METUCHEN — People kept trickling into the Metuchen Public Library, which celebrated its first grand opening of Sunday hours.

The Sunday hours had been slashed through budget cuts in 2014.

“We already have a crowd,” said Library Director John Arthur, a half hour after the library opened.

The Metuchen Public Library will now be open on Sunday from 1-5 p.m. between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

People were checking out books and movies, using the computers, studying, socializing and checking out the many events held during the celebration on Sept. 10.

The events included an art gallery opening of Ray Skibinski and his students from the Oak Tree Watercolor Group, a drop-in bookmark craft project in the children’s room, face painting and a dough making and dough braiding class.

Tyreen Reuter said as a member of the Metuchen-Edison Historical Society,  all are excited to have Sunday hours back.

“Many of us work and it’s hard to arrange a weeknight to help homeowners [with the archives],” she said adding that it’s nice to have Sunday as an option for the many programs the society holds.

Councilwoman Dorothy Rasmussen, who attended the celebration, said it’s great that the Library Board was able to look at the budget and provide Sunday hours.

“The Board members are all volunteers and provide a great service [to the community],” she said.

Arthur had said reopening on Sundays has been a goal of the Metuchen Library Board of Trustees and staff since the hours had been cut.

He said this year, with reassessment and rearrangement of how the library is staffed, the Board was determined that opening on Sundays was feasible.

Arthur had pointed out that Saturdays and Sundays are the library’s busiest hours, with residents taking out books and attending events.

The Metuchen Public Library will be open on Sunday from 1-5 p.m. between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

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