East Windsor OKs contract with employees


Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
East Windsor Township municipal employees will receive salary increases that average 1.8 percent over the life of a four-year contract approved by Township Council.
Township Council approved the four-year contract between the township and the Communication Workers of America Local 1032, which covers 2016 through 2019, at its Sept. 12 meeting. Police officers are not represented by the CWA.
Township Council also introduced a companion salary ordinance that covers the CWA union members. Some are full-time employees and others work part-time. Final action on the ordinance will occur at a subsequent meeting.
During the first year of the contract, which covered 2016, union members received salary increases of 1.5 percent. In 2017, it rises to 1.75 percent. In the final two years of the contract, it is 2 percent for 2018 and 2 percent for 2019.
For example, a clerk typist 1 will earn between $31,062 and $38,915 for 2016. By the final year of the agreement, the salary range is $32,882 to $41,196.
The Senior Citizen Program Coordinator will earn between $50,018 and $62,663 for 2016, and between $52,950 and $66,336 in the last year of the agreement.
The Building Inspector, the Public Health Investigator and the Zoning Officer/Commercial Maintenance Inspector/Fire Inspector will be paid between $55,068 and $68,993 in 2016. In the final year, the salary range for those positions is $58,295 to $72,973.
There are additional job titles that are covered by the CWA contract.
Full-time and part-time employees hired before Aug. 25, 2014, also are eligible for longevity pay. Part-time employees are paid on a pro-rata basis.
The amount of longevity is based on the number of years of service, beginning with $779 for someone who has worked for the township for at least five years.
Longevity pay tops out at $2,547 for an employee who has worked for East Windsor Township for at least 19 years and one month.