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HILLSBOROUGH: McCauley a boon to township committee

Reader Submitted
To the editor:
Gloria McCauley has demonstrated in the last several years the ability, desire and leadership skills needed for the continued success of Hillsborough.
Her knowledge and experience of how our town operates is invaluable. She is willing to work with others, and is not afraid to reach out to other town leaders. Gloria had the courage to make the tough but necessary decision to remove and replace the rescue squad. She has been effective in handling the inevitable growth that has occurred in our town while maintaining the quality of life that we all enjoy here in Hillsborough. She understands the importance of fiscal responsibility, and has worked to keep our taxes low.
She is a savvy business woman, and has encouraged the foundation for a favorable environment for many new businesses which in turn provides jobs for the citizens of Hillsborough. All the while achieving the preservation of over 10,000 acres for open space. Along with Doug Tomson, they will ensure that Hillsborough continues to be one of the best places to live.
Marianna Cartolano

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