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Hearing on medical offices postponed again in Jackson

JACKSON – Residents who have expressed concern about a proposal to construct medical offices and retail space at the corner of Harmony and Jackson Mills roads will now have to wait until December to make their concerns known to the Jackson Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Residents who live within 200 feet of the property at the corner of Harmony and Jackson Mills roads were initially notified the application was scheduled for a public hearing on June 7. The residents came out on June 7 and were told the application was being carried to the zoning board’s Aug. 2 meeting.

Residents showed up on Aug. 2 and were informed the application was being carried to Oct. 4. Once again, on Oct. 4, residents returned to the municipal building only to learn the application is now being carried to Dec. 6.

Zoning board officials said attorney Ray Shea, who represents the applicant, Allen Morgan and Morgan Harmony Development, asked for the application to be carried and Dec. 6 was the next available meeting date.

The board’s attorney, Sean Gertner, said the applicant will have to re-notify the nearby property owners since this marked the third time a request for the application to be carried was made.

Allen Morgan and Morgan Harmony Development are seeking a use variance from the zoning board in order to conduct retail and office uses in an R-1 residential zone where those uses are not permitted.

At present, there is a home at the location, 720 Harmony Road. Morgan wants to construct a 19,200-square-foot two-story building with retail space on the first floor and office space on the second floor.

In other business, an application submitted by Pinewood Estates Inc., which was scheduled to be heard that evening, was carried to November. The applicant is seeking a use variance to build homes in a Highway Commercial zone.

And, an application submitted by the Jackson Elks Lodge, which is seeking an amendment to allow use of the lodge by non-members, was also carried to November.

Board officials said they are trying to ensure a full panel will hear the applications following the recent arrest of a board member on charges that were not related to zoning board business.

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