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Monmouth Museum features ‘movable feast’

Equipped with paint brushes, watercolors, and a eye for food carts, painter Peter Meadowsong showcased his collection of paintings, “A Movable Feast.”

As part of the Monmouth Museum‘s New Jersey Emerging Artists Series, Meadowsong’s paintings were presented during an opening reception on Sept. 22 at the Monmouth Museum’s Nilson Gallery, located at 765 Newman Springs Road in Lincroft.

The New Jersey Emerging Artists Series, now in its 11th season at the Monmouth Museum, features six annual solo exhibitions in the Nilson Gallery which provide a unique and exciting opportunity for New Jersey artists to showcase their work. The artists selected for this series represent the diversity of new talent in the state, and demonstrate their creativity in a wide variety of media. Gallery talks scheduled during the exhibitions offer the New Jersey Emerging Artists the opportunity to share insights on their work, according to a prepared statement from the museum.

Meadowsong describes how he creates one of his paintings from his “A Movable Feast” series.

“I simply take snapshots and then I replicate as closely as I can to the actual moment that I took the photograph. I might move things around and leave things out..because what I will do is I will crop the photograph into what I think is a fairly prevalent composition. Then will transfer that by hand sketch onto the watercolor paper. In fact I will spend a week just on the sketch to make sure I’ve got all the elements in there and got my perspectives correct and my people look like people,” Meadowsong said.

From Sept. 22 to Oct. 22, Meadowsong’s painting will be on display at the museum, according to a prepared statement.

“In my New Jersey Emerging Artists Series exhibition, ‘A Movable Feast’ my intention is for the viewer to see why I think food carts are a delight to render,” Meadowsong said in a prepared statement. “With the surrounding environment reflected and refracted by the quilted-metal siding, the rows of bottles and cans and condiment dispensers, the painted menus clipped to logo-ed umbrellas, the carts are paragons of efficient design, being able to offer an extensive menu of fast food in a portable establishment of just three hundred cubic feet.”

Originally from California, Meadowsong said that he is a retired social worker and currently resides in Collingswood.

“The NJ Emerging Artists Series’ artists are chosen by the Museum’s Exhibition Committee. Each applicant submits 10 images of their work. The eight to 10 members of the committee review all the entries individually and assign a point value to each piece. An average of 100 artists enter their work,” said Laura Oncea, public relations director of the Monmouth Museum.

During the opening reception the museum displayed 14 of Meadowsong’s paintings and provided print copies of his paintings for attendees to purchase.

“It is an anonymous process, the judges do not see names or towns the artists reside in. The top 20 artists who receive the highest points are then reviewed by the committee as a whole. They try to choose artists from different areas of the state and artists working in different mediums.”

Having started painting in the late 1950s to early 1960s, Meadowsong said he has always be interested in painting with watercolors.

“I think for watercolor they are just fantastic. If you ever held a watercolor brush and ever tried to make a line with it, it’s nearly impossible and the detail in his pictures is just incredible. Plus the subject matter is so fun,” said Avis Anderson, executive director of the Monmouth Museum.

Meadowsong obtained an Master of Arts degree in Art from California State University, in Sacramento in 1973. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he accepted a position as a social worker in 1975. Meadowsong was a social worker for 35 years, according to information provided by the museum.

Meadowsong said he is currently working on an another series on county fairs.

For more information about the Monmouth Museum New Jersey Emerging Artist Series visit www.monmouthmuseum.org/artists/njea/.

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