Pallone’s vote on legislation is disappointing

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR36) was, thankfully, passed in the House of Representatives on Oct. 3. Unfortunately, our representative, Frank Pallone, cast a negative vote.

Obviously, he was more concerned about following his party’s line than worrying about the pain and suffering of his fellow human beings.

It leaves one to wonder how he would feel about a very iffy Death with Dignity Act if, as was passed in Washington State, such an act was introduced in New Jersey. Hopefully his constituency will think about this when going to the polls in November.

On a happier note, also on Oct. 3, (Ohio governor) John Kasich announced that he is considering leaving the Republican Party. Wow, really, John? You are a Republican? Could have fooled me.

Since Gov. Kasich himself blames (Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate) Roy Moore for his decision, I say resoundingly, “Thanks Roy Moore.”

Jacquelin Duffy