HOPEWELL: Democrats are the right choice for township seniors


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To the editor:
Hopewell Township is a great place to live for seniors. My mother moved here several years ago and has made many new friends. My mother in law, June Vogler, lived in the township for over forty years. She moved to Four Seasons in Brandon Farms shortly after it was built.
But we can make the township even better for seniors. Our seniors have given much to our community through their taxes and civic involvement. And our community needs to give back in return. We particularly need to ensure that everyone—including nonprofit groups, religious organizations, and local government—take the steps necessary to allow seniors who want to remain in their homes to do so.
Last year, Hopewell Township hired a new senior services coordinator. She serves as a single point of contact for our seniors to call to learn about all the services and activities in the community.
Last week, the township committee approved an agreement to keep the Senior Center in Pennington Borough open. Thanks to an innovative, cost-effective solution, repairs and improvements will be made through contributions from the municipalities, the county and local businesses.
And earlier this year, the township committee approved funding to explore design options for a new senior and community center. This action, coupled with the survey to collect local opinion on a center (a requirement to unlock $1.5 million in Mercer County funds), represents significant progress towards construction of a center.
All of these actions happened under a Democratic-led township committee.
Mayor Kevin Kuchinski and I will continue to support our seniors. We will not turn the clock back on the progress that has been made, or turn our backs on our seniors.
Please vote for Kevin Kuchinski and Michael Ruger for Hopewell Township Committee. For more information about our campaign, please visit our Facebook page at Kuchinski and Ruger for Hopewell Township.
Michael Ruger
Hopewell Township