HILLSBOROUGH: Incumbent says Zobele should join school board


Reader Submitted
To the editor:
I write not on behalf of the Hillsborough Board of Education, but as an individual. My opinion is my own. Thomas Zobele would be a valued, and valuable, member of the Hillsborough Township Board of Education, and is worthy of your vote on November 7. I met Mr. Zobele over ten years ago when my son joined Boy Scout Troop 1776 and Mr. Zobele was a senior scout. I can attest to his sense of service, integrity and honor, as demonstrated by his leadership, service projects and advancement within Scouting.
It is important for the school board to represent its citizens well, in which one-third of the board is up for election each year. This enables the board to maintain a level of continuity, yet reflect the changing needs of the community. Mr. Zobele would bring a valuable and unique perspective as a graduate of the district, to provide the Board with direct insights into how the district empowers its students and where improvements can be made. As a working adult, he understands the value of every dollar that is provided to the district to fulfill its charge.
Mr. Zobele has demonstrated a continued interest and dedication to the district. Over the years, he has been a regular member of the audience at board meetings, and will not hesitate to provide public input to the Board and question or challenge the board when needed. As a board member, I recently supported his appointment to fill a board member vacancy. I hope that you will join me in electing Thomas Zobele to the Board of Education on November 7.
Thomas Kinst