HOPEWELL: Volpe and Nicolao are the change Hopewell needs


Reader Submitted
To the editor:
As I look around Hopewell, it’s not exactly maintaining its previously championed lowest equalized tax rate, nor bucolic beauty, as vocalized by recent endorsements for Kuchinski and Ruger. All one has to do is drive by Pennytown, which was committed by candidate/Mayor Kuchinski to be sold this year and would replenish our surplus the finance committee raided, but instead still stands with what appears to be homemade “For Sale” signs and no marketing plans for the property.
This visual is a clear reminder every day, that Hopewell Township needs a change in management, and Phil Volpe and Luis Nicolao are the change. These two individuals are committed to lower spending, which means exactly that, spending less. Not appropriating almost $1million more in the 2017 budget, accompanied by a balloon payment in 2022 on this year’s capital expenses, both approved by candidate Ruger (finance committee) and Mayor Kuchinski.
Phil and Luis, in addition to be fiscally responsible, are about community and respect. Phil Volpe owns a local business, Cream King, interacting with our residents daily, from hearing their concerns about how Hopewell is becoming unaffordable, to sharing in their happiness after their children’s sporting events and activities. Luis Nicolao is a natural team builder, coaching Princeton University’s water polo teams, and continually being nationally ranked in the top 20. They understand our issues and needs, and know how to work as a TEAM. Isn’t that what we need at this point, our government working together and listening to all ideas to solve problems, not censoring committee members or residents if they don’t agree with their positions?
I urge you to reach out to Phil and Luis at volpeandnicolao.com, ask them about their ideas and vision for Hopewell Township, and to vote for them both on November 7 for Hopewell Township Committee.
Todd Brant
Hopewell Township