PENNINGTON: Lester purposefully misrepresenting taxes


Reader Submitted
To the editor:
Lying with statistics. Harvey Lester is doing it again.
Recently he challenged a statement that said Hopewell Township has the lowest equalized tax rate in Mercer County.
He was wrong again. He knowingly misread tax tables and misrepresented the facts by looking at the total tax rate for the township which includes the school and county taxes, neither of which the township government has any control over.
The Hopewell Township Equalized Municipal Purpose Tax is the lowest in Mercer County. This is the only aspect of our taxes that the township committee has control over. See for yourself: home/showdocument?id=5318.
The fact is that when the Republicans last had control of the township finances in 2015 when Harvey was mayor, both Kevin Kuchinski and Vanessa Sandom voted against the Republican budget increase. And in that year the Hopewell Township budget increase was 5.28 percent.
The true fiscal conservatives in Hopewell Township are the Democrats!
Vote for continued fiscal responsibility and cost cutting on Nov. 7. Vote for Democrats Mayor Kevin Kuchinski and Finance Advisory Committee member Michael Ruger – watchdogs of our taxes.
Al Colina