HOPEWELL: Kuchinski expanded sewers last week


Reader Submitted
To the editor:
I write to rebut the letter of Hopewell Township Committee candidate Kevin Kuchinski in which he claimed to be “preventing the expansion of sewers” (10/20/17).
Last week, at the township committee meeting on Monday, October 23, just three days after the above-mentioned letter was printed in the Hopewell Valley News and just four days after candidate Kuchinski made the same claim at the League of Women Voters debate, as reported by HVN (10/27/17), he voted to approve a township committee resolution to expand sewers into an area that, previously, was not able to have sewers. In fact, all attending township committee Democrats voted to expand sewers, while the lone Republican township committee member voted against the resolution.
Don’t take my word for it. Watch the videotape of the meeting for yourself and see candidate Kuchinski and his fellow Democrats vote to expand sewers over Republican objection.
Harvey Lester