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Reader: Monroe athletes should not be allowed to take a knee

I believe that the state Department of Education as well as the state Supreme Court ruled that students have their First Amendment rights to protest. It is bad enough that the federal Supreme Court made a decision a few years ago that people can burn our flag under their First Amendment rights. That is terrible. Is this really what they want you to teach students, to disrespect our country, our president, our flag and our National Anthem?

I would hope this could be corrected. They are totally wrong. These actions are offending veterans, military men and women who gave their lives to protect this country and millions of true Americans. If the students are allowed to protest, then they can protest too much homework, tests that are too hard, they can protest report cards so they will take the control away from you and the board and they will run the school system.

The referees did the right thing by walking off after the National Anthem because of the actions of four of your players showing total disrespect on Oct. 27. The NFL doesn’t have the guts to take a stand except for a few owners who took the correct step to stop these protests, by cutting their players who do so; the players are in violation of their contracts and these actions void their contracts. Even in a few of the NFL games on Oct. 29, officials walked off the field. They have rights also.

The NBA has a rule that all players will stand with their right hand over their heart. They don’t care about the First Amendment, they believe in doing the right thing to respect our country, our flag, our National Anthem, all veterans and all true Americans.

Had the NFL cut Colin Kaepernick after he refused to stop these actions, things would not have gotten this far. Now the problem is that high school football players in Monroe Township just took a knee and it is reported in most all newspapers and news reports all over the country via the web. Our district looks terrible.

The Monroe Board of Education must take a stand now and change your policy.

Mark S. Klein


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