Resident backs Giaimo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Most politicians offer sound reasons why voters should choose them over their
competition but in recent conversation with Tom Giaimo, a candidate for the New Jersey Assembly, I learned about his life experience and how much it would contribute to New Jersey when he is elected to our Assembly.

Tom has had the same challenges common to most of us like building a business,
rearing children, paying for college and affording a home. But it is his experience as an attorney advising condominium and co-op associations that is most valuable to us as voters. Each time I pass an over-built apartment complex, or empty office building, I wonder if anyone was paying attention to development projects.

And since the New Jersey building industry has not yet fully recovered from the housing bubble disaster of a few years ago, I think of the jobs that are yet available to those who need them.

Tom’s lifetime experience has given him a unique understanding of New Jersey’s
building and development industry unmatched by anyone in our Assembly today. He
knows what is holding back responsible growth and how special interests and long-term political relationships subjugate public needs to private profit. He understands how New Jersey can have more public centered housing development as well as a thriving housing marketplace. He would be the first member of the Assembly with a
comprehensive understanding of all the players in this major New Jersey business

I hope my fellow New Jersey voters will examine the issues and vote for candidates like Tom Giaimo based on what knowledge and experience they bring to address these
issues rather than simply relying on political labels. Tom Giaimo has my endorsement
for the New Jersey Assembly 13th District.

Barrett Thiele
Red Bank