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Vote yes to support county library

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

The Monmouth County Library Commission endorses a yes vote on question No. 1 on the Nov. 7 ballot and urges voters who appreciate the many services public libraries offer to approve the bond issue which authorizes the state of New Jersey to fund libraries through the sale of bonds.

The bonds, when approved, free money for the state to match funds with local libraries for new construction or expansion and equipment purchases to raise their portion of the total cost through grants or other sources.

The Monmouth County Library Commission is committed to increasing the availability for users to access resources through electronic means by increasing availability to all topics and sources from magazines and newspapers to ancestry, career planning and online courses from accounting to web development.

Passage of the bond issue would provide necessary funding to continue the improvement of electronic capabilities as well as maintenance and upgrading of an atmosphere within library walls for study, entertainment and culture.

A yes vote on question No. 1 will enable the Monmouth County library to continue making the capital improvements and equipment purchases that will keep the county library in the palm of the hand of every resident eager to use its resources.

A yes vote on question No. 1 recognizes the importance of this vital referendum and its impact on Monmouth County. Like the more than half the Monmouth County population who have walked through our library doors this year, voters will prove they truly recognize the magic of the library.

Renee B. Swartz
Monmouth County Library Commission
Freehold Borough

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