EAST WINDSOR: Documentary salutes fire company’s 40-year history


Producer Dick Cunningham interviews Station 46 Chief Mario Batista as part of a television documentary on the 40 year history of the fire department.  It begins airing on Wednesday

It became official on Nov. 9, 1977, the day that the fire station on Twin Rivers Drive become its own fire department, no longer “a part of Co. 1,” the fire station on One Mile Road.
In allowing the departure, the judge ruled that the name “Co. 1” implied that, as the town grew, there would ultimately be a Co. 2. And so it was.
To the public, there was no noticeable difference; the big yellow trucks rolled out just like they always did. But to the all-volunteer members, it was a feeling of independence.
In recognition of this 40-year milestone, television producer Dick Cunningham went to work on a documentary. Cunningham is also Co. 2’s photo unit and director of public information. His objective, he said, was to find out “why” – why these guys “volunteer” for, what is considered to be, “the most dangerous occupation there is.”
“The film succeeds in bringing a human element and personality to my men,” says Co. 2 Chief Mario Batista, “Our department consists of highly trained members who are your neighbors, regular guys, fathers, sons and husbands, who respond when needed to serve the community.”
After viewing the program, Mayor Janice Mironov directed its airing on Comcast channel 27 and Verizon channel 38.
“Seeing this program will let East Windsor residents realize how fortunate we all are to have such dedicated volunteers protecting our community 24/7,” said Mayor Mironov.
The half hour program will air Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., immediately following the 7 p.m. broadcast of “Spotlight East Windsor,” beginning Wednesday, Nov. 8.