EAST WINDSOR: District bans operation of drones on school grounds


By Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
With the proliferation of drones or unmanned aircraft, the East Windsor Regional School District has made it clear through a newly adopted policy that it will not tolerate drones being flown over school property.
The new policy bans the operation of drones on school grounds, as well as the launching or landing of drones on school grounds. The flying of drones over school grounds is banned at all times.
School district officials may post signs on school grounds, indicating that operating a drone or flying it over the school grounds – without school district officials’ permission – is not permitted at any time, according to the policy.
However, school district officials may permit drones to be used on school grounds “for an approved school district purpose,” according to the policy.
If the school district approves the use of a drone for school district purposes and the drone belongs to a contractor, then the contractor’s pilot’s certificate, medical certification and aircraft registration must be provided to officials.
But if the drone belongs to the school district or to a student, and it will be used for an approved purpose, it must be operated under the supervision of a school district employee. It can only be operated on school grounds and must be launched and landed on school grounds, the policy said.
All drones, whether they are operated by a contractor, a student or the school district, must comply with all Federal Aviation Administration regulations, plus state and local laws that govern their use.